10% of the cost of your trip is allocated to...

  • Local tourism entrepreneurs who can make a living from their work.
  • The development of local communities to leave the human poverty.
  • High school students do internships in laboratories of physics and chemistry and learn nglish.
  • To equip primary and secondary schools on the Caribbean coast, in the community of Raitipura.
  • To continue with addictions awareness and prevention campaigns.

What we have done so far

Since 1986, the Foundation Dianova Nicaragua has been implementing various Social Development projects and Cooperation with the Nicaraguan civil and public society, in the fields of education, employment, drug prevention and drug treatment.

Beneficiaries of educational programs:

  • 4,319 children and adolescents have received education (primary, secondary and technical);
  • 8,946 young people in the various programs of prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of drug dependence and
  • 7,868 parents or guardians, psychosocial care.

Beneficiaries of the programs of social and community development:

  • Campaign basic needs, through the grant program in spices, more than 30,000 people benefited from necessities.
  • Vaccination campaigns 750 children.
  • Literacy campaigns for adolescents and adults. 2,550 beneficiaries.
  • Campaign housing support, support for repairs and equipment. 58 families.


It was passing in Managua for work and the Hotel Europeo informed me the opportunity to visiting some places in a couple of days I had free. I stayed in the Community El Ostional in the Pacific area (San Juan del Sur) and I was lucky enough to see the arrival of the Paslamas turtles on Playa de la Flor. I will never forget that moment !!

Antonio F "Incredible time at Playa de la Flor"