Socio-Community Development through Responsible Tourism

Social and community development is an activity oriented towards the community that aims to improve living conditions, especially for the most vulnerable or socially impoverished groups and individuals, and with the active collaboration of the populace, institutions and other NGOs.

For Dianova, productive social and community work aims to promote and foster the equitable exchange of ideas, assets and service-provision among different interest groups, with a common commitment towards justice and social integration. The focus of this work is a fundamental orientation towards the needs and interests of the people, focusing on current strengths and potentials, and with an inclusive, global approach.

For Dianova, the people benefiting from social and community development must participate actively in the decision-making process and in the implementation of any measures that concern them; in other words, one might say that this means the application of personal empowerment and responsibility in the field of community development.

Responsible Tourism in Nicaragua is an initiative promoted by Dianova International and the Dianova Nicaragua Foundation in the context of United Nations Sustainable Development Goals 2030, through joint efforts involving third sector organizations, tourism businesses and public institutions in the search for balance between tourism, economic development of communities, protection of the environment and the satisfaction of travelers and residents of the places visited.
We offer you another way to travel, "one that does not give the back to the local communities and contributes to its development"

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I've been staying in this hotel many times and would not change even if I had the great hotels throughout Nicaragua. Good care staff is real, it feels like they do in heart. European gracias !! There is the best Filett Mignon I've tasted!! 

Ruy G European Hotel "The more relaxed the whole city"

I spent 20 days in Nicaragua with my partner. We hired the services of the tour operator Rutas Escondidas, they prepared us a very full itinerary: Managua, Leon, Granada, Rio San Juan, Solentiname, Jinotega, Matagalpa, Bluefields, Pearl Lagoon and Pearl Cays. The price was very fair, considering that includes road transport, maritime and an internal flight return to Bluefields, accommodations and very professional guides.
One of the best accommodation was the Hotel Europeo is a solidarity hotel that allocates its profits to social projects, you meet guests from around the world, service is excellent, very good food and very relaxing the pool area. 

Margarita A "Thanks to Rutas Escondidas and Hotel Europeo Dianova"